The best defense is Natural Defense.

60 years in the livestock business,
25 years using direct fed microbials.

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Benefits of DFMs for Cattle Production

  • Supports a microbial balance in the digestive tract and the overall health of the animal is improved
  • Improves digestion
  • Improves growth
  • Improves production
  • Reduces intestinal problems
  • Improved quality of Colostrum (mothers milk), improves the passing of the immunity to the calf
  • Healthier Cattle - Higher Pregnancy Percentage
  • Cost-effective - easily fed in mineral
  • Cattle producers get better results and better feeding efficiency! 
  • Less acres per cow, the cows utilize the acres better and eat less
  • $22 Annually/cow = $120 increase/calf
  • Rancher Tested and Approved