The best defense is Natural Defense.

60 years in the livestock business,
25 years using direct fed microbials.

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Jim Dinklage, is the owner and president of Dinklage Enterprises, LLC. Their product is Natural Defense, a direct fed microbial product for cows and calves that can be administered in gel, liquid drench or dry additive mineral mix. Jim has been using direct fed microbial products with his own livestock for over twenty years. Jim believes using DFMs with your cattle operation will help with decreased sickness and improved death loss in your herd.

Jim has testimonials from local ranchers stating:

"Natural Defense returns $20 for every $1 spent per pair because of increased calf weight" at the time of the sale.

The Natural Defense (ND) direct fed microbial blend is a natural additive containing Direct Fed Microbials, Prebiotics, Enzymes, MOS, Vitamins and Essential Oils.

A message from the owner of Direct Fed Microbials Ag.

I have used a Direct Fed Microbial (DFM) for more than twenty years, by providing a DFM for my cow/calf herd in a mineral mix every day. At birth the calves received a Direct Fed Microbial paste or drench. In addition, I had an extensive annual vaccination protocol. Until I sold my herd following this program, I never treated a cow or calf for sickness. Their body condition was also greatly improved without using a commercial feed.
In years past, many professionally educated nutritionists did not support the use of Direct Feed Microbials and never agreed with me that they were beneficial. Today, many of those minds have changed.
Natural Defense (ND) is a direct fed microbial blend that I developed including live bacteria, live yeast, enzymes, mannan-oilgosaccharides (MOS) and essential oils. It contains more ingredients than were available to me years ago. The MOS and live yeast, when ND is fed in the gestation period, improves colostrum quality and enhances the transfer of passive immunity from the cow to calf. This greatly reduces mortality of calves in the early days after birth. The drench and paste contain amino acids, chelated minerals, vitamins, live bacteria, ensymes and other beneficial ingredients. These trace mineral levels have been shown to enhance the immune system and improve the response to vaccines.
I've never liked using the words "I guarantee it will work" when I promote a product to people who are in the animal production business. There are so many variables, like weather and management, that are beyond my control. If you consistently use Natural Defense, along with a proper vaccination, balanced mineral and feed program, you will have less death loss and more feed efficient and healthier livestock. Those cattle feeders who purchase your livestock to finish, will in turn have better results because they start off with healthier animals. The national average mortality of beef cattle from birth to laughter is 4.5%. I believe if cow/calf producers would use Natural Defense and cattle feeders would continue its use, cattle mortality could drop to less than 1%.
Natural Defense is all natural. so it can be used in natural or drug-free beef programs.
- Jim Dinklage