The best defense is Natural Defense.

60 years in the livestock business,
25 years using direct fed microbials.

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Black Angus
Black Angus

Direct-Fed Microbials for cattle and other livestock

About Us - Direct-Fed Microbials Ag - We help livestock producers.

Direct-Fed Microbials Ag is a producer of microbial feed additives for livestock. Our products are a direct-fed microbial dry mealliquid emulsion for drench, or liquid soluble. Our product, manufactured for all cow and calf operations, is available to purchase directly from us. The microbial feed additive is for many applications, including:

  • Newborn Calves
  • Scouring Calves
  • Calves off feed
  • Cows or calves not eating
  • Cows freshening after giving birth
  • Cows weaning
  • Cows that are getting pre-shipped and receiving cattle
  • Sick Pen Cattle

What can Natural Defense do for your cattle operation?

Our product, Natural Defense, is an all-natural additive containing direct-fed microbial, prebiotics, enzymes, MOS, vitamins, and essential oils. We are committed to helping livestock producers attain the highest "production" in livestock herds at the lowest possible cost. Natural Defense is available in DRENCH Liquid or DRY BULK MIX.

Why Natural Defense?

A feed supplement product for cattle producers with one or multiple stresses affecting their herd. Including cattle undergoing stress associated with weather extremes, travel or relocation, change in diet, calving, illness, or competition.

The Natural Defense product is for cattle producers who need help with newborn immunity and cattle with weakened immune systems.

Direct-Fed Microbials Ag is a producer of agricultural and livestock products for beef cattle producersdairy cattle producers, and all other types of cattle producers. Our products are Rancher Tested & Approved - the best defense is Natural DefenseWe are supplying Microbial Feed additives to the cattle livestock industry worldwide.

Call us for help with attaining the highest level of "production" at the lowest possible cost!

Our Customers include:

  • Cattle producers, large or small
  • Cattle feed yards
  • Cow/calf operations
  • Dairy cow operations

Our Products

DID YOU KNOW: Adding a DFM (direct fed microbial feed additive) to your cattle operation's feed may decrease sickness and help minimize the death loss in your herd.

Natural Defense 1 Gallon (Liquid Drench)

Natural Defense DRENCH is Made in the USA, manufactured by Direct Fed Microbials Ag and Dinklage Enterprises, LLC, Orchard, Nebraska. Product size is 1 US Gallon (3.785 L).

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Natural Defense 50 Lb Bag (DRY BULK MIX)

Natural Defense MINERAL MIX is Made in the USA, manufactured by Direct Fed Microbials Ag and Dinklage Enterprises, LLC, Orchard, Nebraska. Product size is 50 Pounds (22.68 kg) or BULK.

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